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LASIK Testimonials

Lisa Horsley

Lisa Horsley's LASIK testimonial “I had no trouble deciding to go to MVCC for my LASIK surgery. My husband is a heart surgeon so I know the importance of choosing a well-trained surgeon. I wanted to trust my eyes to a specialist in refractive surgery. MVCC offers the very latest in vision correction and they have excellent results. I felt better having my doctor in town to do all my pre-operative and post-operative exams. I can tell you it is the best thing I’ve done for myself. I received such care and compassion from the team of doctors, nurses, and technicians at MVCC. Now my vision is better than 20/20. I have no night vision problems or glare, and my eyes actually feel better without my contact lenses. I would recommend LASIK and MVCC to anyone considering this life-altering procedure.”


Terry Outlaw

Terry Outlaw's LASIK testimonial “Since I am a nurse and an artist good vision is essential. It took me a long time to make my decision to have LASIK surgery done to eliminate my need for contacts. I chose the doctors at Mississippi Vision Correction Center because of their expertise, experience, and commitment to ensuring the safety of my procedure. Now that the procedure is complete and I see better than ever before I am so glad that I decided on LASIK surgery and the doctors at Mississippi Vision Correction center. It was a decision that I can honestly say has affected my life in so many amazing ways. I can see clearly now! I am no longer hassled with the nuisance of contacts or glasses. The doctors at Mississippi Vision Correction Center provided me with custom solutions and personalized care that I just couldn’t find in any other center. I would recommend LASIK and the doctors at Mississippi Vision Correction Center to anyone.”

Nikki Brown

Nikki Brown's LASIK testimonial Local Radio DJ gives her son the gift of LASIK in Jackson, MS. with Mississippi Vision Correction Center.

“Hello, I am Nikki Brown. When my son Nick was headed off to college I knew I wanted to give him the ultimate gift, the gift of freedom! I sent Nick to Mississippi Vision Correction Center, the same place I sent my father for his cataract and cornea problems. Mississippi Vision Correction Center examined Nick and told him he was a perfect candidate for LASIK surgery. He called me right after the appointment and was so excited. Astigmatism and nearsightedness that had forced him to wear glasses for more than a decade could be treated with the excimer laser and he could finally be rid of his glasses. He loved Dr. Anderson, said she explained everything to him, made him feel very comfortable and that he was SOOOO ready. Not only was it one of the best days of his life, but mine too. Not only can I see my son’s beautiful blue eyes now, but I also see a beautiful smile too thanks to Mississippi Vision Correction Center. You may want to call them now to set up the appointment to see if you or someone you love is a candidate for LASIK surgery.

Utilizing the CustomVue system with the VISX Wavescan Mississippi Vision Correction Center is now capable of performing this enriched version of LASIK that is simply customized to the needs of your eyes. Corneal specialist Nicole Anderson and Surgeon Brannon Aden would like to invite you to come in for a pre-screening consultation free of charge to learn more about this life-altering vision correction procedure.”

Cataract Testimonials

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