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Vivity™ IOL

By the time cataracts are fully developed, they have a severe impact on your eyesight. The longer they grow, the harder they make your daily life.

When it’s finally time for cataract surgery, all the hassles they create become a thing of the past. That’s because cataract surgery restores your vision.And, depending on how good your eyesight used to be, cataract surgery could give you the best vision of your life. Intraocular lenses or IOLs are responsible for this improved vision.

The quality of your eyesight depends on which IOL you have implanted during your procedure. If you choose the Vivity IOL, you could end up with the best vision of your life.

The eye doctors at Mississippi Vision Correction Center use the Vivity IOL to provide advanced vision after cataract surgery. Choosing the Vivity IOL could be one of the best decisions you make in your life.

Why Do You Need Cataract Surgery?

Cataracts form as proteins in your natural lens break down and clump together. The proteins cause your lens to become white and cloudy as they collect.

Eventually, it becomes so white light can no longer pass through it. If light can’t pass through your lens, it can’t reach your retina, which means you can’t see. Cataracts can make your vision dull and murky and even lead to complete vision loss. Once this happens, it’s time for cataract surgery.

Without getting cataract surgery, you won’t be able to see any longer. Cataract surgery will give you your eyesight back, but the quality of your vision depends on the IOL.

It can be basic, still requiring the help of glasses for specific tasks. Or advanced, requiring no glasses with seamless sight at all distances.

Should You Choose a Premium IOL For Cataract Surgery?

During cataract surgery, your eye doctor removes and replaces your cloudy lens. Cataracts form inside your lens and require complete removal to restore your vision. Your IOL replaces your natural lens and then handles focusing light onto your retina. Your surgeon starts by making an incision in your cornea to access the lens during the procedure.

They then break your lens into small bits and remove it with light suction. Then they implant your IOL. There are numerous types of IOLs that you can choose for cataract surgery. The most basic are monofocal IOLs. They refract light at one distance, usually from far away.With a distance focusing monofocal IOL, you’ll still need reading glasses for up-close tasks. But, more advanced IOLs give you more visual capabilities than a monofocal IOL.

These IOLs are premium IOLs. There are many premium lens options to consider based on your vision goals and lifestyle.One of the most exciting premium IOLs is the Vivity IOL. It gives you excellent far and intermediate vision and functional up-close sight.

The Vivity IOL provides a wide range of vision and helps reduce your need for glasses at all distances. You may need reading glasses to read fine print like prescriptions or food labels, but not everyone needs this help.

How Does The Vivity IOL Work?

The Vivity IOL is the first and only non-diffractive extended depth of focus (EDOF) IOL. An EDOF IOL uses an elongated focal point to give you a deeper range of vision than other IOLs can.It also harnesses the power of non-diffractive technology. Most premium IOLs split light that enters your eye at the focal point in each lens.

The Vivity IOL does not split light. Instead, proprietary non-diffractive X-WAVE Technology bends and shifts light entering your eye. Monofocal IOLs don’t split the light entering your eye because they only have one focal point.

The Vivity IOL also does not split light, which gives you sharp vision and limited visual disturbances like a monofocal IOL. Other premium IOLs cause visual disruptions between focal points because they split light.While these focal points give you clear vision at multiple distances, they also create gaps between the points. The gaps produce glare and blurry vision as you transition between distances.

The Vivity IOL does not have these zones. Instead, the X-WAVE Technology shifts the light without splitting it. Shifting light reduces glare and blurriness when you transition between different distances. The Vivity IOL combines X-WAVE Technology with the extended visual range of an EDOF IOL. This combination minimizes aberrations and gives you clear sight at all distances.

Can The Vivity IOL Correct Astigmatism?

Toric model IOLs are for correcting astigmatism. Many of the most popular IOLs have toric models available, and the Vivity IOL does.

Astigmatism is an irregular cornea shape that scatters light inside your eye. The light should get focused on your retina, and when it doesn’t, blurry vision results. Toric model IOLs correct this scattered light to focus on your retina as it enters your eye. By accounting for your astigmatism, toric model IOLs eliminate it.

If you have astigmatism, cataract surgery with a toric Vivity IOL could give you your best eyesight ever. It eliminates your cataracts and astigmatism in one straightforward procedure.

Does Insurance Cover The Vivity IOL?

Medicare and most insurance plans cover cataract surgery with monofocal IOLs. Cataract surgery using the Vivity IOL typically does not have insurance coverage. But, the lifestyle benefits and the reduced need for glasses the Vivity IOL provides are worth the price. Also, there are payment plans and financing options available.

If you have flexible spending or health savings accounts, you can use those to cover the cost of your procedure. Or, there are payment plan financing options available. GreenSky Patient Solutions and the CareCredit healthcare credit card are two ways to cover the costs. Both plans offer low or no interest financing that fits nearly any budget.

When it comes to the lifestyle advantages of the Vivity IOL, price should not be a determining factor. There is a way to cover the cost of a premium IOL like the Vivity IOL, no matter your situation.

Who is The Vivity IOL Good For?

The Vivity IOL gives you clear eyesight and a reduced need for glasses. Thus, it’s ideal for active people who don’t want the hassle of using glasses anymore. A premium IOL like the Vivity IOL gives you crisp vision at all refractive distances. It’s excellent for driving, playing sports like golf, or attending concerts. It gives you the ability to transition from far to near distance and back. If you are active and go between refractive zones a lot, a lifestyle IOL like the Vivity IOL is ideal for you.

Would you like the lifestyle benefits of the Vivity IOL? Schedule a cataract screening at Mississippi Vision Correction Center in Flowood, MS. We’ll be happy to discuss the Vivity IOL with you!

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