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LASIK Eye Surgery

LASIK in Jackson & Flowood, MS

Laser vision correction procedures are among the most common eye-related surgeries performed today. At Mississippi Vision, we are proud to offer some of these procedures to give our patients as many options as they need. Many of our patients find that glasses and contact lenses do not work with their lifestyles, or that they simply don’t like the hassle. Laser vision correction is an excellent way to give our patients freedom from eyeglasses and contact lenses while still enjoying clear, sharp vision.

There are many different types of laser vision correction, the most common of them being LASIK surgery. LASIK surgery is one of the most performed eye procedures in America. Millions are undergoing this life-changing surgery every year, and you can too.

LASIK Eye Surgery Procedure Diagram

LASIK Candidacy in Mississippi

While not everyone is a candidate for LASIK, it is not often that we come across patients who would not benefit from LASIK. For those who cannot undergo LASIK surgery, there are alternatives available such as PRK and LASEK which offer comparable results.

LASIK surgery has made many advances in the time since it was first approved. LASIK surgery is safer, quicker and more effective than ever thanks to the constant innovation in technology. Our doctors use only the most up-to-date technology on our LASIK patients to ensure the best surgical outcomes. Recovery from LASIK surgery is also extremely quick and easy. In fact, most patients go back to work the very next day.

If you have been considering LASIK but still have some questions or concerns, call Mississippi Vision today!

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